Battle over North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Rights Continues

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys in Charlotte, Asheville and Winston-Salem hope you have contacted your representative and have given them an earful about the proposed Workers Compensation Reform Legislation. If this bill passes, big business will be the only winner and the losers will be taxpayers and injured Carolina workers.

The passage of this bill will do the following if you are injured at work:

-Insurance companies would have total control over what doctors you see. You could change to another doctor but you have to pick from others that the insurance company picks. And of course the insurance company has to give prior approval for everything the doctor does.

-Your privacy will go out the window. The defense lawyer and insurance company can talk to your doctor unbeknownst to you or your attorney.

-Your total disability benefits can be stopped if you “fail to cooperate” with your medical treatment plan. Who decides that you are being uncooperative? Correct, the insurance company. Did you know that missing a doctor’s appointment can be viewed as being uncooperative?

-Permanent and total disability payments would be cut off at 500 weeks (with a few extreme exceptions). So that means the insurance companies are off the hook after 9 years but then Carolina taxpayers take on the expense via Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Imagine the family of 4 whose breadwinner is permanently disabled at age 30. At age 39 their benefits end, now what? Sadly, they will have to rely on the government for welfare, food stamps and medical care for the rest of their lives.

In a previous post on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog we noted that North Carolina has a favorable business climate because of its low workers’ compensation premiums.

The current North Carolina workers’ compensation system works well because it provides benefits to injured workers at a low cost to insurers and employers. It has been reported that North Carolina’s average payment per claim is higher than 15 other states. North Carolina has fewer claims but the claims they have are for more severe injuries than other states. This is largely related to the way the state reports injuries.

It is unacceptable for North Carolina taxpayers to be burdened with taking care of injured workers. The system needs to be left alone and make the wealthy insurance companies do their job.

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