Study finds North Carolina offers favorable business climate, despite those looking to reduce Workers’ Compensation Benefits

For those who need additional evidence that North Carolina’s workers’ compensation premiums are not excessive, the Worcester Business Journal recently cited the state as one in which the rates were among the most reasonable in the nation.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers continue to report on the giant handout big business hopes to pass through the legislature, which would gut the benefits received by employees injured in worked accidents from Winston-Salem to Wilmington.
As we have reported on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog, the excuse used by pro-business politicians and the corporations that pay for their elections is that the workers’ compensation rates paid by companies are too high to maintain a pro-business climate to lure companies and jobs. An injured worker is not in line to claim a fortune, maximum North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits are set at $836 a week, up just $2 from last year.

The Worcester Journal reported businesses have been moving out of Massachusetts in favor of pro-business climates in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and North Carolina, in part because of the lower workers’ compensation premiums.

-North Carolina was one of 21 states with low cost of electricity.

-It was one of 19 states with low health care costs.

-And it was one of the top 20 states in terms of the overall costs of doing business.

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