SC employers tagged with $670,000 in worker safety violations in 2010

As our Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys noted in a previous post to our North Carolina Workers Compensation Lawyers Blog, job prospects across North Carolina have been slim-to-none, with unemployment creeping up to 9.8 percent in December. Unfortunately for South Carolina, prospects are equally dismal. WSPA-7 reports, the unemployment rate crept up a notch last month, reaching 10.7 percent.

With that said, the state’s Department of Employment and Workforce director said the private sector saw a gain of 800 jobs and the addition of 200 jobs in manufacturing. December was the fourth month in a row to see an increase in employment.

During 2009, 73 South Carolina workers were killed in fatal workplace accidents, the South Carolina Occupational Safety & Health Administration reports. Nearly 40 percent of all work-related deaths (29 fatalities) were linked to traffic crashes. Assaults or violent acts committed at work were the second leading cause of death for South Carolina workers, claiming 12 and representing 16.4 percent of all fatal workplace injuries. Eleven people were killed after being struck by a dropped object or a piece of equipment and 10 South Carolina workers were killed by falls on-the-job. Another 9 workers died from exposure to harmful substances.

In 2010, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration issued 3,092 safety violation citations and levied more than $671,735 in penalties across 10 South Carolina industry sectors from Transportation to Real Estate. As is the case in North Carolina industry, Construction, Manufacturing and Service were the sectors receiving the most citations. Citations, inspections and assessed penalties are further broken down as follows:

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing (crop production to fishing, hunting and trapping):
Number of citations: 23
Number of inspections: 10
Penalties assessed: $3,765

Mining (metal, non-metals, coal and oil/gas):
Number of citations: 0

Construction (general contractors to special trades)
Number of citations: 1,723
Number of inspections: 993
Penalties assessed: $333,072

Manufacturing (food and kindred products to textiles to photographic, medical and optical goods)
Number of citations: 1,097
Number of inspections: 192
Penalties assessed: $294,965

Transportation, Communication, Electric, Gas & Sanitation Services (U.S. postal service to transit and rail systems)
Number of citations: 28
Number of inspections: 12
Penalties assessed: $7,503

Wholesale trade (durable and non-durable goods)
Number of citations: 6
Number of inspections: 3
Penalties assessed: $490

Retail trade (garden supply to home furnishings)
Number of citations: 38
Number of inspections: 9
Penalties assessed: $8,345

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Number of citations: 19
Number of inspections: 4
Penalties assessed: $1,180

Services (personal services to motion pictures to automotive repair)
Number of citations: 118
Number of inspections: 41
Penalties assessed: $14,670

Public Administration (general government to national security)
Number of citations: 40
Number of inspections: 18
Penalties assessed: $7,745

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