Profit squeeze has North Carolina companies looking to take workers’ compensation benefits from injured employees

As politicians and lobbyist gear up for the attempt to slash benefits for injured North Carolina workers, the recession has actually resulted in insurers returning premiums to employers, according to the Insurance Journal.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers urge you to contact your lawmakers, tell them you are against increasing insurance-company profits at the expense of hard-working Carolina families. It’s an issue that is easy to ignore until it happens to you or your family.
In an earlier post to our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers’ Blog, we reported on the plan to slash workers’ compensation benefits. The industry relies upon a flawed study while the true cost of North Carolina benefits ranks the state near the middle of the road in terms of cost to employers.

Premiums have been returned as employers lower the amount of insurance, or need less insurance for fewer employers. As the premiums paid to agents dwindles, insurance companies continue to look for other ways to turn a profit.

They have apparently decided taking money from injured workers in a good business move. Add your voice by standing up for some of our most vulnerable Carolina families.

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