North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits rely on the voice of the voters

The rights of North Carolina’s injured workers is under attack, even as the nation celebrates the 100-year anniversary of workers’ compensation in the United States.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys continue to report on efforts by the insurance industry and the Chamber of Commerce to slash benefits to workers who are seriously injured on the job. These vulnerable families would face an even bleaker future while insurance companies rake in even fatter profits.
Recently we reported on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog about proposed cuts to injured workers’ benefits in North Carolina. And we continue to urge you to contact your North Carolina lawmakers and tell them fat campaign contributions do not justify failing to protect some of our most vulnerable families from the worst form of corporate greed.

In 1911, Wisconsin was the first state to pass a workers’ compensation law in response to the demands of the Industrial Revolution. Eight other states quickly followed and 36 more had laws in place by the end of the decade. While the crocks of moonshine may have disappeared, not much else has changed when it comes to the comfortable relationship North Carolina lawmakers have with insurance lobbyists and big business interests.

According to a history published on Workers the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions was charged with deciding 2 million accident claims in the nation’s workplace. When they met in the fall of 1945 at a Winston-Salem hotel, a champagne fountain flowed in the middle of the room amid crocks of moonshine decorated with color paper. And the attorneys and lobbyists representing employers and the workers’ compensation insurance industry mixed comfortably with the decision makers.

The voices too often left out of the process are those of injured workers and their families. Rise up and let yours be heard. It may just be your future benefits or the benefits of someone in your family that you help save.

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