Contact your Lawmakers — Stop reduction in North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits

For those who are injured on the job, North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits are a lifeline that often keeps a family in their home, keeps food on the table, provides medical care and rehabilitation services, and helps ensure you and your family have the financial resources to work toward recovery.

Our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers want you to know that your elected lawmakers and the big money lobbyists that pay for their elections would like to take some of those rights away from you. In a Democracy, that will almost surely happen, unless protest from the masses force the politicians to do the right thing.
Here you can find the North Carolina lawmakers that represent your area. Below is a letter we sent out to clients and friends. Write and/or call your lawmaker and tell him to put the people of North Carolina first.

Dear Mr/Ms

I am writing you today as your attorney because the North Carolina Legislature is considering new legislation to reduce workers’ compensation benefits.

Your state representatives are being pressured by insurance company lobbyists and the NC Chamber of Commerce to reduce benefits to injured workers. One of the changes being pushed is placing an artificial cap on the number of weeks of weekly compensation benefits an injured worker can receive.

That would allow weekly compensation benefits to be stopped even if someone is still disabled. Another change being considered is forcing injured workers to take any type job they can find if they can not return to the job they were doing when they were injured.

An example of this would be a teacher, electrician, construction supervisor or any other worker being forced to take a Wal-Mart greeter job. The loss of income claim resulting from the job change would be capped. Several other reductions to benefits are being considered. Therefore, it is extremely important that your State House Representative and State Senator hear from you now.

I ask that you call and write your Representative and Senator and ask them to vote against any new laws that reduce workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers. These new laws will probably pass if legislators don’t hear from the people they represent. When you contact your representatives, please tell them how important your workers’ compensation benefits are to you and your family.

Let them know what the impact would be on you if your workers’ compensation benefits were reduced or stopped. Tell them about your injury and how it has affected you. Tell them not to give in to the insurance company lobbyists who want them to put profit before injured people. You can also ask your family members and friends to call and write. If you are not able to speak with your representatives when you call, please leave a detailed message outlining your concerns.

If you are dealing with a work accident in North Carolina, contact the contact our workers’ compensation lawyers in Asheville, Greensboro, or elsewhere in the state. Call the Law Offices of Lee & Smith today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 800-887-1965.

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