OSHA re-doubles efforts to reduce risk of work accidents in North Carolina and South Carolina

Our Asheville workers’ compensation lawyers know that our sense of self, our personal wellness, has as much to do with solid job performance as having a good team of co-workers and supervisors is to promoting a healthy, viable, work environment.

And according to Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for WorkComp Professionals Preston Diamond, current events from health care reform to an aging workforce are forcing employers to connect the dots between employee health, employee wellness and benefits distribution. More and more, employers are realizing that healthy workers are injured less and heal faster. Bottom line: encouraging good health for your staff saves money otherwise spent on health care and workers’ compensation benefits.

A sharky atmosphere at work – thanks endless corporate downsizing, high unemployment rates and depressed job creation numbers – has everyone feeling sketchy about job security. Because of this, workers are more inclined to contact a lawyer if they feel “threatened” about a workers’ compensation claim, says Diamond.

In fact, our workers’ compensation lawyers in North and South Carolina believe any worker who suffers more than a minor job injury will benefit from the solid advice and advocacy inherent in hiring an experienced work accident attorney.

And due to a host of expansions to various worker-protections laws (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act), lawyers and their clients may have more rights and more means to redress grievances.

With that said, thanks to additional funding, OSHA enforcement activity is also on the increase. In his article, Diamond notes that fines levied by OSHA authorities in 2010 reached their highest levels since OSHA has published records of violations. Tens of millions of dollars have been issued in penalties in 2010; a trend expected to continue.

Complicated Medicare Secondary Payer laws remain a “minefield for parties involved” notes Diamond. And destabilization of the workers’ compensation markets has made investment in such ventures unprofitable at best. Anticipating staggering rate increase does little to inspire confidence.

Regardless of whether you are an employee or a hiring manager, 2011 should be an interesting, challenging year as shifting paradigms refashion how we all view workers’ compensation issues.

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