Dismal job growth does little to diminish incidents of North Carolina workplace accidents

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys know that 2010 was a dismal year for job growth across North Carolina.

The Charlotte Observer reports that just 10,400 jobs were added to the labor market last year, leaving slender pickings for the state’s estimated 440,000 unemployed workers. As the economy appears to continue to stabilize and improve, job creation for much of the country continues to stagnate, offering little hope to unemployed and under-employed North Carolina workers.
With that said, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 125 North Carolina workers were killed due to on-the-job accidents in 2009. Of those, 18 work-related fatalities were linked to falls and 17 deaths were linked to a Carolina worker coming into contact with a dropped object or being struck by equipment.

Another 47 workplace fatalities were tied to traffic accidents, 9 deaths linked to fires or explosions, and 25 North Carolina workers died due to acts of violence or assault occurring while on-the-job.

Between October 2009 and September 2010, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration issued more than 12,000 safety violation citations and levied more than $6 million in penalties across 10 North Carolina industry sectors spanning Agriculture to Public Administration. At the leader of the pack, so to speak, was construction, followed by manufacturing and service categories. Citations, inspections and assessed penalties are further broken down as follows:

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing (crop production to fishing, hunting and trapping):
Number of citations: 384
Number of inspections: 97
Penalties assessed: $188,775

Mining (metal, non-metals, coal and oil/gas):
Number of citations: 3
Number of inspections: 1
Penalties assessed: $1,500

Construction (general contractors to special trades)
Number of citations: 3,280
Number of inspections: 1,030
Penalties assessed: $2,472,191

Manufacturing (food and kindred products to textiles to photographic, medical and optical goods)
Number of citations: 3,154
Number of inspections: 559
Penalties assessed: $1,443,959

Transportation, Communication, Electric, Gas & Sanitation Services (U.S. postal service to transit and rail systems)
Number of citations: 456
Number of inspections: 105
Penalties assessed: $230,888

Wholesale trade (durable and non-durable goods)
Number of citations: 683
Number of inspections: 160
Penalties assessed: $271,154

Retail trade (garden supply to home furnishings)
Number of citations: 1,074
Number of inspections: 272
Penalties assessed: $413,929

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Number of citations: 148
Number of inspections: 44
Penalties assessed: $56,295

Services (personal services to motion pictures to automotive repair)
Number of citations: 2,598
Number of inspections: 569
Penalties assessed: $1,135,233

Public Administration (general government to national security)
Number of citations: 250
Number of inspections: 74
Penalties assessed: $94,601

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