North Carolina issues bleak jobs picture – work accidents a danger as economy improves

North Carolina payroll employment decreased by 12,500 non-farm jobs in November, the worst report of any state in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers in Statesville, Salisbury, Concord, and elsewhere, continue to monitor the jobs’ picture in North and South Carolina. As the economy rebounds, many companies are operating with skeleton crews. While this maximizes profits, it can also increase the risk of a serious or fatal North Carolina work accident.
North Carolina joined 27 other states that reported a decrease in payroll employment in November, compared to the same period a year ago. North Carolina reported 12,500 fewer jobs, followed by Massachusetts’ 8,600 fewer jobs and the 7,800 fewer jobs that were reported in Ohio. Those figures can be a more reliable indicator of the employment picture than the unemployment rate because when someone stops looking for work they are no longer counted as “unemployed.”

In this case, North Carolina also reported a corresponding 12,500 jobs lost in the October-November period, a figure that was also worst in the nation.

The North Carolina unemployment rate actually dropped to 9.7 percent in November, compared to 10.8 percent last year. The unemployment rate in South Carolina fell to 10.6 percent, from the rate of 12.3 percent reported one year ago.

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