North Carolina workers’ compensation rates paid by employers to nudge upward in 2011

Employers are howling about an increase of less than one percent in the cost of North Carolina workers’ compensation premiums next year. The Business Insurance journal reported policies will increase 0.6 percent beginning in April.

Our North Carolina work injury attorneys follow the rate debate each year. The increase is miniscule compared to the average increase of 14 percent that most of us face for health insurance. An employer pays the workers’ compensation premiums so that employees are covered in the event of an accident. Regardless of whether the accident was your fault, you are entitled to cost of medical care, lost wages and other forms of recovery under the workers’ compensation law.
Speaking with a Carolina injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney may also lead to a lawsuit alleging third-party liability in instances where a subcontractor or party other than your employer can be argued to be at least partially responsible for the accident.

Meanwhile, the Insurance Journal reports that North Carolina workers’ compensation costs were the highest in a study of 15 states. Several factors led to the higher costs per claim in some states, including higher payments to hospital providers. North Carolina hospital payments were the highest in the study at about $9,500.

Payments to others — including physicians, chiropractors and physical and occupational therapists — were lower than other states. In fact, the study found that the physician fee schedule in North Carolina was lower than in 42 other states.

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