Stagnant economy, tight employment picture, intimidating for employees injured in a North Carolina work accident

Our North Carolina work accident lawyers continue to monitor the slow pace of the economic recovery as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports non-farm payroll decreased by 85,000 jobs in September.

As we have previously reported on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog, the economic downturn has made it tough on families, tough on employers, and particularly tough on employees.

Additionally,9.5 million are underemployed, typically characterized by being employed part-time involuntarily. That number has actually increased by nearly a million workers over the last two months.

Moreover, employers have done just about all of the downsizing and cost cutting possible over the course of the last two years. Moving forward, they are likely to push for an increase in productivity as one of the only viable means of increasing profits in a tough economy. In fact, a recent read on productivity found workers are producing more with less than at anytime in the last decade. And the nationwide unemployment rate of 9.8 percent for men and 8.0 percent for women remained unchanged from September to October.

None of this is good news for employees, particularly those who may suffer an injury while on the job. In many cases, an employee may fear that reporting a work accident could impact their job. Tragically, some will decide to remain quiet and hope the pain goes away. Others will decide not to report a minor injury, which may become more serious, or even disabling, in the months or years ahead.

Failure to properly report a work accident can impact your ability to collect future compensation. While laws are in place to protect injured workers, they may still feel vulnerable to retaliation in the wake of a work accident claim. Consulting an experienced and aggressive North Carolina law firm is the best course of action to protect the future financial well-being of you and your family.

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