Work accidents decline in North Carolina and nationwide

In 2008 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted more than 5,000 health and safety inspections in the state of North Carolina. The goal was to decrease industry hazards that have negatively impacted the area’s illness and fatality rates, as well as injuries in general. Information was shared with employers and business owners in order to educate them on the hazards of combustible dusts in plastic, wood, flour, magnesium, and sugar. Other hazard alerts were also addressed, including struck-by accidents in which workers are killed after being hit by heavy equipment and machinery.

North Carolina work accident statistics show a 40 percent decline in workplace fatalities in the 5-year period ending in 2008. North Carolina construction accidents declined by about one-third.

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Due to limited resources for proper training, North Carolina has formed alliances with various state groups like the North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service. This group and others like it have created certification programs like the Construction Manager of Environmental Safety and Health to educate participants who can then gain the qualifications to share their knowledge with their coworkers and constituents. Training initiatives are provided to employers and their employees four times a year.

The truth is that lack of proper training or access to proper safety equipment is a frequent cause of serious and fatal work accidents in North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States.

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