Violence in the workplace a growing danger in North Carolina

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a report on workplace shootings, which found nearly 10 percent of all fatal work injuries are the result of violence.

Some of the shootings involved robberies of retail outlets. While a worker would be entitled to North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits, consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney is likely the best course of action to protect your rights in the wake of a violent workplace incident.

Such incidents comprise a serious threat in the workplace. An average of 564 work-related homicides have occurred in each of the last five years in the United States. About 80 percent of victims were male.

Robbers and assailants were responsible for 72 percent of incidents for men and half of all incidents for women. Relatives and acquaintances account for only 4 percent of male homicides but 28 percent for women.

The other serious threat is workplace shootings involving multiple fatalities — incredibly, there were 30 such cases in 2008, accounting for 67 homicides and 7 suicides. Co workers or former co workers were responsible for 12 percent of such cases.

Nearly half of such shootings occurred in public buildings and endangered bystanders. One-fourth of workplace shootings occurred in the retail trade, while 17 shootings occurred in the manufacturing industry.

A quarter of shooting victims worked in sales and nearly all of the victims worked in the private sector. Only 14 percent were employed by the government.

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