North Carolina employees have rights to safe workplace, freedom from fear or retaliation

Most employees in North and South Carolina are covered under the Occupation Safety and Health Act of 1970. This means the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) oversees safety in their workplace and provides the guidelines and mandates under which their employers must operate.

But it also guarantees employees certain rights. One of those rights is to be free from retaliation for filing a work accident claim or for bringing hazards in the workplace to the attention of management or the authorities. Unfortunately, many workers do not feel comfortable in doing so, particularly in today’s tough economy. Instead they may continue to deal with dangerous job conditions or even fail to report a work injury.

We encourage you to consult our experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers. We believe workers deserve immediate access to high-quality legal advice; that’s why we continue to offer free and confidential consultations to anyone willing to pick up the phone and give us a call. Addressing a dangerous condition in the workplace can prevent an employee from being seriously injured or killed. While failure to report a work injury could prevent you from recovering damages in the event that long-term complications require you to miss work, receive medical treatment or even become disabled.

Under the OSH Act, workers are entitled to job conditions that do not pose the risk of serious harm. Specifically, they have the right to:

-Receive information and training about hazards and methods to reduce the risk. The training must be in whatever language they can understand.
-Observe workplace safety testing and receive the test results.
-Review records of workplace injuries and illnesses.
-Receive copies of the medical records of employees who have been injured on the job.
-Request an OSHA inspection.
-Assert their legal rights without fear of retaliation or discrimination.

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