Ladder falls a common cause of Carolina work injuries

A Carolina work accident was reported on Friday when a Spartanburg worker fell from a ladder after suffering an electrical shock, FOX Carolina reported.

The electrical worker injured his back during the accident at New Rainbow Lake Middle School on River Oak Road. An employee of Dallas Electric in Gastonia, North Carolina, the man was pulling wire through a box when he came into contact with charged wire. The shock knocked him off a ladder at the school construction site.
The eight-year employee of the company reported injuring his back and elbow.

North Carolina workers’ compensation claims frequently result from ladder falls. Back injuries can be particularly challenging to diagnose and treat. And recovery in each case in unique. Back injuries may also not be immediately apparent and the full extent of the injury may take months, or even years to develop. Filing a work injury claim is essential to protecting your ability to collect damages in the event of serious future medical complications, even in cases where little or no injury is felt at the time of the accident.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 680 employees were killed in workplace falls in 2008 — 116 of those died as a result of falling from a ladder.

The most common injuries from ladder falls include fractures, sprains and bruising. Back injuries and traumatic head injuries are also possible. Most falls are caused either by excessive reaching or incorrect ladder placement.

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