New employees entitled to safety training, job protection in case of work injury

North Carolina was among five states to report the largest job gains last month as the unemployment rate fell in 39 states in June, the Associated Press reported.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers are encouraged by the latest numbers and hope and pray we are putting this long and painful recession behind us and that are many hardworking North Carolina families are again finding good jobs, fair wages, and safe work environments.

Unfortunately, those watching the economy believe some of the decline could be the result of people giving up the job search, and so no longer being counted among the unemployed. Only 21 states saw new job growth in June, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Nationwide, employers added a net gain of 83,000 jobs and the unemployment rate inched down to 9.5 percent, from the 9.7 percent reported in May.

North Carolina joined Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana in reporting the largest job gains last month.

New employees may be at increased risk of a North Carolina work accident and may be less inclined to report being injured on the job. Employers are required to provide safety training to new employees in many occupations, including manufacturing, and are forbidden by law from taking action against employees as a result of a work injury.

Of course, employees don’t always follow the law and the last thing a new employee wants to do is report a work injury. We encourage you to consult with an attorney if you are concerned about reporting a work accident or believe you or a co-worker has been retaliated against for reporting an accident or unsafe condition in the workplace. The long-term consequences of failing to file a work-injury claim are too serious to sacrifice for short-term job security. In many cases, an injured worker who fails to report an accident may be unable to collect damages even if future medical complications lead to loss of work or disability.

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