North Carolina employees to hear more about workers’ rights in OSHA classes

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is launching a new program aimed at emphasizing the rights of employees in the workplace. The outreach is part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s goal to help ensure workers understand their rights while on the job.

North Carolina work accidents frequently result when employers allow dangerous conditions or when employees either do not understand their rights to proper training and equipment, or are afraid to ask. Particularly in today’s tough job market, employees may choose to remain quiet and hope an accident does not occur. And employers, who continue to increase output and productivity, may allow an unsafe condition to go unaddressed.

OSHA reports the new information will be incorporated into the Outreach Training Program taken by hundreds of thousands of workers each year. The new information will advise workers of their right to:

-Safe and healthy workplaces.

-Know about the presence and effects of hazardous chemicals.

-Review information about injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

-Receive training.

-Request/file for an OSHA inspection and to participate in the inspection.

-Be free from retaliation for exercising their safety and health rights.

“For too long workers have avoided making claims of unsafe work conditions out of fear of losing their jobs,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA David Michaels. “We are confident that this new training will embolden workers to speak up when they find work practices that endanger their lives and the lives of their co-workers.”

The 10-hour and 30-hour outreach training sessions will also cover topics regarding whistleblower rights and filing complaints.

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